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Fresno County, California

Fresno County is located in the central portion of the state of California, and has a population of 1 Million residents. Fresno, the county seat,with a population of 500,000, is the fifth most populous city in California.

Fresno County has an unmatched diversity of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. It is surrounded by 3 National Parks . . .  Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park. Fresno County also features country farm trails traversing the bountiful harvest of the nation’s leading agricultural area, majestic lakes and rivers, and awe-inspiring foothills and mountain ranges.Fresno County is both family friendly and business friendly!

The City of Fresno features local area museums, festivals, and a full range of restaurants anddiverse entertainment opportunities.In October, you will want to plan on attending the Big Fresno Fair to enjoy live entertainment, horse racing, carnival games and midway rides.

The City of Clovis is located just a few miles northeast of downtown Fresno. Clovis has been dedicated to promoting planned growth, while retaining its unique western atmosphere. The City’s population has more than doubled since 1985, reaching the current level of close to 114,000, and encompassing over 23 square miles in area.

The Fresno/Clovis Metropolitan Area

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